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The Professional Dimensions IMPRINT Award (formerly known as Sacagawea) Artist selection is open to any Wisconsin-based woman artist who consistently shows skill and originality in a medium such as painting, sculpture , printmaking, ceramics, or fiber. The selected artist will receive a monetary honorarium of $6,000 for the creation of three art pieces, recognition as an honored guest at the 2023IMPRINT Awards dinner and a one year honorary membership to Professional Dimensions. To learn more about the Imprint Award, click here.

Two of the art awards will be presented to each of the honored recipients at the IMPRINT Awards event on Thursday, March 30, 2023 attended by Milwaukee area business leaders and their guests. The selected artist will create one additional piece for the Professional Dimensions art collection . If you wish to view the permanent Professional Dimensions Art Collection (consisting of 31 pieces in various mediums), it is on display at Alverno College in the technology building rotunda.


In order to be considered for selection as the Professional Dimensions Imprint Artist who will create these unique awards, please submit the items listed below to imprintawards@gmail.com.

  • Artist Resume (detailing your education, awards and background in the arts)
  • Relationship of Artist with Professional Dimensions, if any
  • Statement regarding how Artist’s work honors the spirit of Professional Dimensions
  • Selection of Artist’s visuals (please include 10-15 images if possible)

The committee will be using a computer with a standard business digital projector to project images on a screen.  Please note the following requirements:

  • Format:  JPEG  file.
  • Image size/resolution:  We ask that you size your JPEG so the longest dimension is 700 pixels.  This will ensure that the committee will see the image as you intend it to be shown.  (Our screen resolution will be 1024x768 pixels.)
  • Color Space:  We will use sRGB (standardized Red Green Blue) for viewing images (the default color space for viewing on a monitor and projector).
  • Color temperature/white balance/gamma:  We will set our monitor and projector to 6500 Kelvin for viewing, with a gamma of 2.2.

To be eligible for the award, all materials must be received by 11:59 PM (CST) on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2022. Any submissions received after that time will not be considered.

Please email submissions to imprintawards@gmail.com with the subject line "Imprint Artist Submission."

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: 

LaShawndra Vernon | Artist Selection Committee Chair

414-374-3570 | imprintawards@gmail.com

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