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2022 Imprint Award

To “imprint” is to make a lasting mark.

It also describes when one person comes to recognize another as a source of trust and support. An “imprint” is defined as a mark or depression made by pressure and an indelible distinguishing effect or influence.

Professional Dimensions’ Imprint award was created in 2021 to recognize two women who are making a lasting mark in their career, community and collaborations, following a year-long reimagining of PD’s longstanding Sacajawea award. Like the definitions of “imprint,” they are both successful and supportive. They truly embody the well-rounded character trait, and Professional Dimensions is honored to celebrate their lasting impacts.

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ADJUSTED DEADLINE: November 5, 2021

The Professional Dimensions IMPRINT Award (formerly known as Sacagawea) Artist selection is open to any Wisconsin-based woman artist who consistently shows skill and originality in a medium such as painting, sculpture , printmaking, ceramics, or fiber. The selected artist will receive a monetary honorarium of $6,000 for the creation of three art pieces, recognition as an honored guest at the 2022 IMPRINT Awards dinner and a one year honorary membership to Professional Dimensions.

Two of the art awards will be presented to each of the honored recipients at the IMPRINT Awards virtual event on Wednesday March 24, 2022 attended by Milwaukee area business leaders and their guests. The selected artist will create one additional piece for the Professional Dimensions art collection . If you wish to view the permanent Professional Dimensions Art Collection (consisting of 31 pieces in various mediums), it is on display at Alverno College in the technology building rotunda.


In order to be considered for selection as the Professional Dimensions Imprint Artist who will create these unique awards, please submit the items listed below (combined into one document):

1. Artist Resume (detailing your education, awards and background in the arts)
2. Relationship of Artist with Professional Dimensions, if any
3. Statement regarding how Artist’s work honors the spirit of Professional Dimensions
4. Selection of Artist’s visuals (please include 10-15 images if possible)

The committee will be using a computer with a standard business digital projector to project images on a screen.

Please note the following requirements:

Format: JPEG file.
Image size/resolution: We ask that you size your JPEG so the longest dimension is 700 pixels. This will ensure that the committee will see the image as you intend it to be shown. (Our screen resolution will be 1024x768 pixels.)
Color Space: We will use sRGB (standardized Red Green Blue) for viewing images (the default color space for viewing on a monitor and projector).
Color temperature/white balance/gamma: We will set our monitor and projector to 6500 Kelvin for viewing, with a gamma of 2.2.

To be eligible for the award, all materials must be received by 11:59 PM (CST) on Wednesday, October 30, 2021. Any submissions received after that time will not be considered.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

LaShawndra Vernon
Artist Selection Committee

2021 Imprint Award
Click here to view highlights and the show

The 2021 Imprint Awards virtual event were held on July 29, 2021. While this was our first year honoring women with our newly announced award name (The Imprint Award), it was the 40th anniversary of the Professional Dimensions event, which celebrates Milwaukee’s women leaders, while raising funds for local organizations and initiatives that positively impact the self-sufficiency of women and girls. Our 2021 beneficiary was the YWCA Southeast Wisconsin.

2021 Imprint Award Winners

Congratulations to Janette Braverman, president of the NAACP of Ozaukee County, and Dawn Yang, owner of Alternative Family Services, LLC and co-owner and general manager of Nyob Zoo Milwaukee TV who were our 2021 Awardees.

 Janette Braverman currently serves as the President of the NAACP of Ozaukee County. Additionally, since 2016 she has served on the County Board as an Ozaukee County Board Supervisor. She is the first African American to serve in this role. Her responsibilities include but are not limited to representing over 3,300 constituents across District 24, setting and approving policies and budgets, and serving on the Public Safety Committee. 

In 2011, Janette started Leaders Leaving Legacies, LLC where she pursues her passion of empowering leaders and entrepreneurs through professional coaching, mentoring and helping them launch their businesses from vision planning to marketing to website launch. Janette's mission is to not only leave a legacy for her children and family, but to serve and give back to he communities in which she works and lives. She often empowers others to do the same. 

Janette was raised in El Paso, TX where she learned to speak Spanish fluently as a child. After living in Colorado Springs for several years working for high-tech engineering companies, she relocated to Wisconsin in 2000 to work for Harley-Davidson, Inc, where she worked for over 12 years as a leader of several IT and business transformation initiatives. 

Dawn Yang arrived in the United States in 1976 as a one-year-old Hmong refugee. After becoming a first generation Alverno College graduate, Dawn drew on her own family’s experience, and developed a passion for advocating for underserved communities. She owns Alternative Family Services, LLC, which provides support services to individuals experiencing homelessness and/or living with disabilities, mental health, or AODA (alcohol and other drug abuse) issues.

Dawn is also committed to providing positive and valuable information to the underserved Hmong and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. She is the co-owner and general manager of Nyob Zoo Milwaukee TV with her husband. This is the first over-the-air Hmong newscast in Southeastern Wisconsin. Since first show aired in September 2017, the monthly broadcasts have reached hundreds of thousands of people across the state of Wisconsin and around the world. Nyob Zoo TV also provides college students with an opportunity to gain valuable paid work experience and knowledge in the broadcasting field.  

Dawn’s passion for advocating for her community led her to spearhead a film project, “Save Me,” designed to shine a light on mental health concerns in the Hmong community. By bringing together community members, stakeholders, healthcare providers, and elected officials, inroads were made in the effort to recognize and engage in starting the conversation about mental health issues within the Hmong community, which includes people who have experienced trauma.

We are thrilled to honor these two trailblazing women leaders who have been selected for their career accomplishments, commitment to community and dedication to addressing issues facing women today. 

Click here to view the coverage of our 2021 Imprint Award winners by the Milwaukee Business journal.

2021 Imprint Artist 

Each of these award winners will received a customized piece of art from the 2021 selected artist, Nova Czarnecki. Nova specializes in oil paintings and murals that depict nature and humans integrated. She will create a painting for each winner and one for the Professional Dimensions permanent collection at Alverno College.

Nova is a Milwaukee based fine artist who works in oil painting. Her work can be found around Milwaukee and on murals as well. 

Please click here to learn more about Nova Czarnecki and to view her gallery.


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