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DEADLINE: September 13, 2019

The Sacagawea Awards recognize women who have attained the pinnacle of their calling, reached out to guide others along the path to personal and professional success and exemplify high standards in their careers. The 2020 Sacagawea Awards Dinner will be held on Thursday, March 12. After nominations have been submitted, two women will be selected based on the criteria below. To be eligible for the award, all materials must be received by Nikiya Dodd, Chair, Sacagawea Nomination/Selection Committee by 11:59PM (CST) on Friday, September 13, 2019. Any nominations received after that time will not be considered. All nominations not selected as Sacagawea Award recipients are eligible for resubmission to be considered for the award in a future year. 


Professional Career Accomplishments:

  1. Exceptional achievement in career
  2. Significant contribution to field or endeavor
  3. Recognition by others as expert in field
  4. High level of responsibility and results
  5. Pursuit of formal education, i.e. B.A., M.A., PhD, M.D., J.D., etc.
  6. Demonstrated commitment to continuous learning and thought leadership

Spirit of Sacagawea:

  1. Recognition of a trailblazer, visionary, innovator
  2. Demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles, crisis or personal challenge
  3. Demonstrates varied talents and interest
  4. Encouragement of the advancement of women
  5. Possess a positive and unifying presence and creates a collegial atmosphere in the workplace and community

Civic & Community Leadership:

  1. Leadership in a not-for-profit project, organization or agency dedicated to the greater good of the community
  2. Commitment to diversity of involvement as it relates to people served


  1. Nomination Form: must be completed by the nominator who knows the nominee through a professional experience, i.e. professional organization(s), volunteerism, mentor/mentee relationship, etc. Click here to download.
  2. Nominee’s Biography (maximum three pages): must be completed by the nominator that includes the following: (a) professional career accomplishments; (b) spirit of Sacagawea; and (c) civic leadership. Questions to consider: What is the introspective/reflective nature of the nominee? Basically, who is she? What does she represent? What are her core values? What accomplishment is she most proud of? What will her legacy be in the community? What impact has she made on others?   
  3. Nominee’s resume or curriculum vitae (a comprehensive LinkedIn Profile can be used when other documents are unavailable). 
  4. Supporting Documents: news features, published articles, awards received, etc (optional).
  5. Letters of Support: maximum of three allowed (optional).
    A photo is not required with nomination materials. 


Nikiya Dodd, Chair, Sacagawea Nomination/Selection Committee
doddgroupllc@gmail.com | 262-617-5786

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