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Marcy Stanczyk, Sargento Foods Inc.

09/28/2017 11:13 AM | Anonymous

Marcy Stanczyk serves as the Senior Vice President – Treasurer at Sargento Foods Inc.  She has been at Sargento for 26 years in a variety of Finance & Accounting roles.  Her responsibilities include banking relationships and overseeing cash management, as well as Credit & Collections functions.  She plans to retire in the first quarter of 2018; she is starting to get things organized and ready for that event! Marcy joined Professional Dimensions in 2007 and really enjoys the dinner meetings, especially the progressive dinners. She praises the great networking opportunity and a chance to relax and have stimulating conversations with fellow members. 

Marcy was asked to indicate what she believes to be a very important leadership trait. Her reply is humility: “The most effective leaders are humble, kind, and treat all with dignity and respect.”  This seems to tie in with her favorite advice: “Accentuate the positive. Try to find the good in all people and situations.” 

Stanczyk is married with two adult daughters – one works for PWC in Boston and one is in graduate school at the University of Minnesota. They are a tennis family. Marcy and her husband met through tennis and their daughters played high school tennis together. Their youngest daughter also played college tennis. 

In addition to tennis, Marcy enjoys travel and biking. She has loved her travels in Europe, especially Spain and Italy.  Australia is on her bucket list and hopes to attend the Australian Open Tennis Championships in the near future! 

Another favorite is watching the TV show “House of Cards.”  She had thought perhaps she would lose interest in the fictional politics, but with the current state of affairs in Washington, she still loves the show. 

When headed out for a memorable meal, her favorite restaurant is Lake Park Bistro for Sunday brunch. “The view is beautiful and the food is incredible!”

As she needs to commute about 40 minutes to work to Plymouth each day, Marcy considers

WTMJ Radio her number one source of news. In addition, she enjoys reading the Wall Street Journal for business news.

When asked what famous person she would like to meet, Marcy said it would be Oprah.  She finds her incredibly interesting & thinks she would be a lot of fun to spend time with!

The last book Marcy read was Nutshell, by Ian McEwan. The book is a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet from the perspective of a fetus!


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