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Racial Equity Resources 

Economic Inequity 
Understand the unfairness and injustice present in our economic systems.



A Beach Town Seized a Black Couple’s Land in the 1920s. Now Their Family Could Get it Back 

In its exploration of the unfair seizure of a Black couple’s land, The Guardian explores not only the efforts to return the property to its descendants but also how past injustice leads to current economic inequity.  


Black and Latino Homeowners are About Twice as Likely as Whites to Get Low Appraisals 

National Public Radio explores how appraisers contribute to economic disparity by specifically undervaluing Black and Latino homes. 


Home Appraised with a Black Owner: $472,000. With a White Owner: $750,000 

This story from The New York Times shares the unequal home appraisal practices creating economic disparity and unfairness. 


Why FEMA Aid is Unavailable to Many Who Need it the Most  

National Public Radio explores the economic inequity leading to mostly poor and people of color receiving less if any federal government aid following climate-driven disasters. 



Social Contracts, George Floyd & the Dominoes of Racial Justice 

Comedian Trevor Noah shares his thoughts on racial injustice and police brutality as well as how the contract between society and Black Americans has been constantly broken. 


Segregated by Design 

Examine the forgotten history of how U.S. federal, state and local governments unconstitutionally segregated every major metropolitan area in America through law and policy. 


By Every Measure: Episode 4 - Racial Wealth Gap 

Episode four of this six-part episodic podcast exploring systemic racism in various sectors of Milwaukee discusses income disparities and its effects.

Exploring the Racist Roots of America’s Economic Inequity 

Author Heather McGhee discusses the anti-government sentiment that emerged in the wake of the Civil Rights movement and what it still costs all Americans. 


Teaching Hard History 

Learning for Justice and Host Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries shares the lessons we should have learned about American History in school through the voices of leading scholars and educators. 


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