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  • 06/27/2022 11:45 AM | Lauren Feaster (Administrator)




    Furious. Frightened. Uncertain. Disbelieving. Heartbroken.

    Reactions to Friday’s Supreme Court ruling taking away the constitutional right to an abortion have exploded across the country--and in the PD office. We have heard from members—and from friends, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts—from the depth of their fear and fury. 

    Our mothers and grandmothers founded PD with the hope of equal rights for women at work and at home. Today, one of those rights has been taken away in the State of Wisconsin. This will affect all women but will fall disproportionately on women of color and others marginalized in our state.

    The 1973 Roe decision was a seminal moment in the advancement of women’s progress. For many women, this measure of control over their own bodies made it possible to protect and maintain their physical health. It empowered women to fulfill their dreams of education, of economic independence, of freedom from abusive relationships, and so much more.  

    We acknowledge that there may be PD members who  agree with the Supreme Court decision to let this question be decided state-by-state, election-by-election. As an organization whose vision is to expand what is possible for women and the world they influence, we hope that all PD members can see the setback that the return to an 1849 abortion ban represents for our progress in Wisconsin toward gender and racial justice. And, with our mission to unite women leaders in the relentless pursuit of better, we are responsible for continuing this conversation - as difficult as it may be - as we determine how to support the needs of ALL women who make up our membership.

    In the months ahead, our board of directors will look for opportunities to educate our members and to identify how we can engage as citizens, as women, as activists and educators, to protect and advance women. 

    We close, as always, with gratitude—not for the Supreme Court decision, but for the collective power of women, specifically PD women, to rise up against inequity and sexism in our world and in our workplaces. PD was built from that power, and PD today can connect women to each other in the fight for a better future.

    As Michelle Obama said on Friday, “We may be heartbroken now but tomorrow we have to get up and find the courage to keep working towards creating the more just America we all deserve.”

    We will be in touch,

    Laura Lutter Cole 
    President, Professional Dimensions

    Lauryn Deck
    President-Elect, Professional Dimensions

    Jamie Pratt
    Immediate Past President, Professional Dimensions

    Lauren Feaster
    CEO, Professional Dimensions

  • 09/30/2021 9:51 AM | Lauren Feaster (Administrator)

    Organization also welcomes five new board members. 

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. — (Sept. 30, 2021) — Professional Dimensions members elected Laura Lutter Cole, National Account Executive of VISIT Milwaukee, as board president of the organization effective September 1, 2021.

    “Laura is a dynamic leader who acts as an ambassador for women, for equity and for Milwaukee in everything she does. Her leadership of PD at this time continues the PD tradition of electing women who are fearless in their pursuit of better,” said Lauren Feaster, CEO of Professional Dimensions.

     Five new board members were also elected at Professional Dimensions’ last annual meeting. 

    Yvonne Brodsky, Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager with Facebook, assumes the role of Treasurer. Betsy Johnson, Vice President of New Business at Tri-Marq Communications, Inc, assumes the role of Vice President of Nominations. Michele Marsh, Attorney at Marsh Legal Services, LLC, joins the board as the Vice President of Racial Equity. 

    Directors and Directors-at-Large Updates

    Professional Dimensions also welcomes two members to serve as directors-at-large: Dominique Samari, Partner at P3 Development Group LLC and Julia Smith, Assistant Director of Learning  & Development at Northwestern Mutual. Both members will serve until their term ends in 2023. 

    Lauryn Deck, Co-Founder of MindBusiness LLC Coaching & Consulting, served as Vice President of Nominations in 2020-21 and is the President-elect for the current year.  “The 2021-2022 Professional Dimensions board was charged with three priorities:  (1) Advance inclusivity and belonging, (2) Introduce as many first-time PD board leaders as possible, and (3) Align with our CEO’s pursuit to have a PD Woman represented at every regional decision-making table,” said Deck. “In doing so our board is represented by 42% women of color, 24% new PD Board leaders, and the board as a whole represents the diversity of career, generation and ethnicity that is a hallmark of PD.”

    Continuing Board Officers and Directors-at-Large include: 


    • President - Laura Lutter Cole (2022), National Account Executive, VISIT Milwaukee

    • President-Elect - Lauryn Deck, Co-Founder, MindBusiness LLC Coaching & Consulting 

    • Immediate Past President - Jamie Pratt, Partner, Spano Pratt Executive Search

    Vice Presidents

    • VP Administration - Jennifer Walther, Shareholder Attorney, Mawicke & Goisman, S.C.

    • VP Communications - Tricia Geraghty, Chief Marketing Officer, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

    • VP Membership - Katie Podmokly, Strategic Change Manager, Robert W Baird and Co., Inc

    • VP Programs - Katie Dillow, Chief Financial Officer/VP of Finance & Administration, Alverno College


    • Charitable Fund Board Chair - Amalia Schoone, Principal Consultant, In Progress Consulting, LLC.

    • Recruitment Chair - Shaneé Jenkins, Vice President, Social Responsibility & Strategic Partnerships, YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee


    • Jennifer Allen, Community and Inclusion Advisor, MGIC

    • Deidre Garrett, Director, HR Services & Total Rewards, MRA - The Management Association

    • Liz Johnson, Associate Attorney, Godfrey & Kahn S.C.

    • Johannah Karstedt St. John, Sr. Director Diversity & Inclusion, Northwestern Mutual

    • Carol Newell, Advisor, FarWell Project Advisors

    • Peggy Williams Smith, President & CEO, VISIT Milwaukee

    View the complete 2020-21 Professional Dimensions Board of Directors here.

    Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund Board Elected

    Membership also approved the 2021-22 Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund (PDCF) board. The board exists to oversee activities of the 501(c)3 charitable organization that was founded by PD in 1986 in order to advance the economic self-sufficiency of women and girls. PD’s signature event, the Imprint Award, benefits PDCF and its annual partner project each year.

    New members elected to serve as Directors-at-Large include: 

    • Ashley Jordan, Writer & Speaker, Self-Employed

    • Tammy Belton-Davis, Founder & Principal, Athena Communications LLC

    • Erica Gumieny, Client Relationships Manager, Direct Path 

    • Kerri Balliet, Transformational Coach, Red Barron Coaching

    Continuing Charitable Fund Board Officers and Directors-at-Large include: 


    • Chair - Amalia Schoone, Principal Consultant, In Progress Consulting, LLC

    • Vice Chair - Angie Phillips, VP Human Resources, Metal-Era

    • Treasurer - Devon Norwood, Senior Vice President | Asset Management, Baird 

    • Secretary - Tiffany Wynn, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Carroll University

    • Imprint Award Chair - Katie Sanders, Chief Planning Officer, Milwaukee Public Museum

    • Imprint Award Vice Chair - Simmi Urbanek, Director of Marketing, Greenfire Management Services, LLC

    • Legacy Champion - Anne Summers, Philanthropic and Nonprofit Leader


    • Laura Piotrowski, President, Cavendish Consulting and Vernal LLC

    • Katie Joachim, PR Team Lead, Bader Rutter

    • Janel Hines, Senior Director of Grant Programs, Greater Milwaukee Foundation

    About Professional Dimensions Milwaukee

    Founded in 1978, Professional Dimensions is a network of more than 400 inclusive women leaders who use their power to help each other and advance the community. Professional Dimensions is the leading women’s professional association in the Milwaukee area whose mission is to unite women leaders in the relentless pursuit of better. We create opportunities for our members to network, collaborate, learn and lead, inspiring women to reach for more in all aspects of their lives. Our organization is intentionally inclusive across career experiences and personal identities, maximizing our ability to innovate and elevate those around us. Professional Dimensions challenges leaders to blaze trails in their companies and communities. Our driving ambition is to expand what is possible for women and the world they influence. 

    About Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund

    The Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund was formed as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1985 to serve as the charitable, tax-exempt arm of the organization. A separate Charitable Fund board of directors, which reports to the Professional Dimensions board, also was established. From 1986 to 1991, the Charitable Fund awarded college scholarships to economically disadvantaged women and small grants to a variety of nonprofit organizations in Milwaukee. In 1992, the fund shifted its focus to concentrate on supporting local organizations that foster the self-sufficiency of women and girls. The biennial selection of a Charitable Fund project was developed as a way to strengthen a high-performing or high-potential initiative by infusing both volunteer time and financial support over a two-year period. At the same time, it gives members an opportunity to work together toward helping individuals and organizations in Milwaukee. 


  • 05/11/2021 12:55 PM | Anonymous

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. (May 10, 2021) - Professional Dimensions, a professional women’s organization serving the Greater Milwaukee area, has announced the selection of its 2021 Imprint Award winners and the featured artist.

    The 2021 Imprint Awards virtual event will be held on July 29, 2021. This is the 40th anniversary of the Professional Dimensions event, which honors Milwaukee’s women leaders, while raising funds for local organizations and initiatives that positively impact the self-sufficiency of women and girls.

    The 2021 Imprint Award recipients are Janette Braverman, president of the NAACP of Ozaukee County and Dawn Yang, owner of Alternative Family Services, LLC and co-owner and general manager of Nyob Zoo Milwaukee TV. Both are trailblazing leaders chosen for their career accomplishments, commitment to community and support of the advancement of women.

    “These two women represent the best of what PD has honored in women leaders for 40+ years, first as the Sacajawea Awards and now as The Imprint Award. These are fearless leaders who commit to making the world better for all, and follow in the footsteps of the 78 prior award winners.” said Jamie Pratt, President of Professional Dimensions’ Board of Directors and co-founder of Spano Pratt Executive Search.

    “PD is committed to intentional inclusion and meaningful action, values that shine through the words and actions of our two Imprint awardees. They are an aspiration and an inspiration for the 400+ members of PD for what leadership looks like in 2021 and beyond.” said Lauren Feaster, CEO of Professional Dimensions.

    Janette Braverman has over 25 years of experience in IT, has been in public services roles, is a founder of Leaders Leaving Legacies, LLC and the author of 10 Reasons Communication Brings Transformation: Unleash Your Greatness. She has been recognized by the Milwaukee Business Journal as a Woman of Influence in 2018, and as a Power Broker in 2020. In 2019, she received the NAACP Game Changer Award for being an inspirational community leader. Most recently she was the Dean of the College of Business and Management for Cardinal Stritch University, where she is now the Executive Director of External Partnerships.

    Janette is involved in several organizations focused on empowering women leaders and is on the Board of Directors for the Zoological Society of Milwaukee and a steering committee member for Milwaukee Women, Inc. 

    Dawn Yang arrived in the United States in 1976 as a one-year-old Hmong refugee. After becoming a first generation Alverno College graduate, Dawn drew on her own family’s experience, and developed a passion for advocating for underserved communities. She owns Alternative Family Services, LLC, which provides support services to individuals experiencing homelessness and/or living with disabilities, mental health, or AODA (alcohol and other drug abuse) issues.

    Dawn is also committed to providing positive and valuable information to the underserved Hmong and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. She is the co-owner and general manager of Nyob Zoo Milwaukee TV with her husband. This is the first over-the-air Hmong newscast in Southeastern Wisconsin. Since first show aired in September 2017, the monthly broadcasts have reached hundreds of thousands of people across the state of Wisconsin and around the world. Nyob Zoo TV also provides college students with an opportunity to gain valuable paid work experience and knowledge in the broadcasting field.  

    Dawn’s passion for advocating for her community led her to spearhead a film project, “Save Me,” designed to shine a light on mental health concerns in the Hmong community. By bringing together community members, stakeholders, healthcare providers, and elected officials, inroads were made in the effort to recognize and engage in starting the conversation about mental health issues within the Hmong community, which includes people who have experienced trauma.

    Each of these award winners will receive a customized piece of art from the 2021 selected artist, Nova Czarnecki. Nova specializes in oil paintings and murals that depict nature and humans integrated. She will create a painting for each winner and one for the Professional Dimensions permanent collection at Alverno College.

    Click here to view the coverage of the 2021 Imprint Award winners by the Milwaukee Business Journal.

    About the Imprint Awards
    To “imprint” is to make a lasting mark. It also describes when one person comes to recognize another as a source of trust and support. An “imprint” is defined as a mark or depression made by pressure and an indelible distinguishing effect or influence.

    Professional Dimensions’ Imprint award was created in 2021 to recognize two women who making a lasting mark in their career, community and collaborations, following a year-long reimagining of PD’s longstanding Sacajawea award. Like the definitions of “imprint,” they are both successful and supportive. They truly embody the well-rounded character trait, and Professional Dimensions is honored to celebrate their lasting impacts.

    The 2021 Imprint Awards virtual event will be held on July 29, 2021. While this is our first year honoring women with our newly announced award name (The Imprint Award), this is the 40th anniversary of the Professional Dimensions event, which celebrates Milwaukee’s women leaders, while raising funds for local organizations and initiatives that positively impact the self-sufficiency of women and girls. Proceeds of this annual fundraising event will benefit Milwaukee area organizations that work to advance the self- sufficiency of women and girls. To sponsor or attend please visit https://professionaldimensions.org/Imprint-Award

    About Professional Dimensions
    Founded in 1978, Professional Dimensions is a membership organization of more than 400 inclusive women leaders who use their collective power to help each other and advance the community. Guided by four tenets, Leadership, Diversity, Community and Networking, Professional Dimensions cultivates relationships between women of all backgrounds, ages, industries and experience levels.

  • 03/03/2021 12:01 PM | Anonymous

    Milwaukee, Wis. (February 26, 2021)—Professional Dimensions, a leading women’s professional association in Milwaukee, has intentionally updated its long-term strategy, and brand, to reflect its belief in the value and power of women leadership. In this process of evolution and re-invention it has renamed and reimagined its signature event.

    With that, Professional Dimensions is proud to announce its  annual leadership award, formerly the Sacagawea Awards, is now The Professional Dimensions Imprint Award. The association shares this exciting change as it prepares to launch a new award nomination process and grow its incredible community of honorees. Nominations will be open March 1, 2021 at www.professionaldimensions.org.

    “As an organization committed to developing and networking leaders in a time of unprecedented controversy and division, Professional Dimensions was called to evaluate our ‘status quo’ and follow our values of continuous learning and intentional inclusion,” said Lauren Feaster, CEO of Professional Dimensions. “To further this mission, we were also called to make tough choices about how our historical decisions and proud traditions that have defined our work conflicted with our values. Therefore, we took on the renaming and reimagining of our signature event formerly known as the Sacagawea Awards.”

    In addition to the Professional Dimensions Imprint Award, Professional Dimensions has added the Ideation Summit as an annual event focused on inclusion and diversity. The association has also revamped its Racial Equity Initiative (Conversation Circles) and diversified its board and membership. In tandem, it has taken bold steps in programming, doubled its commitment to its Charitable Fund and continuously refreshed and renewed its membership offerings.

    The Sacagawea Award
    Professional Dimensions’ Sacagawea award was created in 1982 to recognize two trailblazing women who exhibit the spirit of Sacagawea. This prestigious honor acknowledged exceptional leadership by “Women Who Inspire,” and celebrated their career achievements. Through this award Professional Dimensions has honored 78 inspirational women from the Milwaukee community, and raised more than $1.7 million for causes that benefit women and girls. 

    “While standing firmly in our beliefs about the importance and intention of the award, we knew there was a need to elevate and prioritize the voices and experiences of our indigenous leaders and members,” said Feaster. “We determined that while maintaining the bold, courageous energy with which this award was created, we would no longer continue to present an award whose name would appropriate a culture. We are committed to finding a way to tell a more complete story about the complexity of Sacagawea’s life, continue to honor her in the way her descendants desire, and still celebrate the achievements of trailblazing women in our community.”

    The reality of events in 2020/21 has opened new ideas for the future. They have also placed renewed emphasis on virtual programming/networking and redefining “normal”. As an organization, Professional Dimensions has never shied away from bold change in pursuit of better, and these concerns gave the association  an opportunity to turn its words into meaningful action. 

    “After months of conversation with members, sponsors and award recipients— along with an incredible partnership with BVK—an independent, full-service national advertising and branding agency headquartered in Milwaukee, we have committed not just to a new name, but to thinking differently about how we recognize and celebrate leadership,” said Feaster.

    To “imprint” is to make a lasting mark. It also describes when one person comes to recognize another as a source of trust and support. An “imprint” is defined as a mark or depression made by pressure and an indelible distinguishing effect or influence.  

    Award recipients not only make a mark in their professional lives and community, but also create meaningful, empowering connections with other women. Like the definitions of “imprint,” they are both successful and supportive. They truly embody the well-rounded character trait, and Professional Dimensions is honored to celebrate their lasting impacts.

    Nominations for Professional Dimensions Imprint Award will be open March 1st. Visit professionaldimensions.org for more information about the awards, Professional Dimensions’ mission and membership opportunities. 

  • 06/30/2020 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. (June 30, 2020) - Professional Dimensions (PD) announces a reimagined event for their 39th Annual Sacagawea Awards, traditionally held in March. To ensure the health and safety of its 600+ guests due to the COVID-19 crisis, the annual event is now virtual and will be held on July 16, 2020. The new format is a combination of virtual networking, a live-streamed awards ceremony, and professionally produced video. There will be live social media feeds, special guests, sponsored elements, and a surprise gift delivered to registered guests so they can celebrate safely at home with honorees Cecelia Gore and Jacqueline Herd-Barber.

    “I’m excited to bring a new vision for the way virtual events are done,” said Wendy Terwelp, the 2020 Sacagawea Awards Chair. “This will be a highly interactive virtual event to celebrate and honor our awardees, Cecelia and Jackie, and wow our members, guests, and sponsors. This event also raises funds to benefit the Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund (PDCF) joint project with the YWCA Southeast Wisconsin (YWCA SEW), The Ripple Effect,” she said. 

    “The Ripple Effect supports systemic change at the intersection of racism and sexism. The inequities that women and people of color are facing because of the COVID-19 crisis point out to all of us the criticality of this work,” said PDCF Board of Directors Chair, Janet Slater. “PDCF is grateful for the support of our sponsors, PD members, and those in the community giving us the opportunity to grant $50,000 to the YWCA SEW for this joint project. Thank you for being a part of creating systemic change!” she said.

    The Sacagawea Awards was created to recognize trailblazing women leaders in our community. This year, honorees Jackie Herd-Barber and Cecilia Gore, have both created a legacy of leadership, philanthropy, and community throughout Milwaukee. 

    “This year’s honorees represent the best of PD and of Milwaukee: they are fearless, inclusive leaders who have committed themselves to positive action on behalf of our community,” said Judith Mouton, PD Board President. “During this moment of unprecedented change in our city and world, Jacki and Cecelia are the kind of leaders we need. PD is proud to honor them,” she said.

    Cecelia Gore is a collaborative leader and change agent with a passion for community excellence and impact. She is a senior level executive with extensive experience leading community and external affairs, foundations/sports philanthropy, and nonprofit management. Currently, Gore leads the Brewers Community Foundation, the charitable arm of Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club (MLB). 

    Jackie Herd-Barber is an active community volunteer, serving on several community and civic boards in Milwaukee. She is immediate past chair and current board director of the Marcus Performing Arts Center Board, and past chair of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Milwaukee urban League, Rotary Club of Milwaukee and MSOE Alumni boards. Herd-Barber serves on various boards throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area, including serving as co-chair Milwaukee Succeeds, an initiative to improve the quality of education to every child in the city of Milwaukee.

    Each honoree will receive a custom work of art created by Anne Raskopf, the 2020 celebrated Sacagawea Award Artist. Anne also created a painting for the permanent Professional Dimensions art collection at Alverno College. Raskopf is an Oconomowoc-based artist, known for residential and commercial murals adorning homes and establishments throughout the Lake Country Area. 

  • 06/25/2020 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. (June 25, 2020) - Professional Dimensions has named executive and community leader, Lauren Feaster, as its new CEO. She will begin her work in August 2020. In her role, she will partner with the Professional Dimensions Board to drive strategic programming and community impact. She is currently the Chief of Staff for Teach for America Milwaukee and has been with the organization for the past five years. During her tenure, she has been involved in community partnerships, fundraising, staff oversight, and business operations. Earlier in her career, Lauren was the Chief of Staff for City Year Milwaukee and worked in program management, training and evaluation, and community outreach.

    Lauren is well known in the Milwaukee community as a forward thinking leader and change agent. The Professional Dimensions selection committee proudly selected Lauren based on her leadership experience, vision, and plan to integrate system leadership which combines collaborative leadership, coalition-building and systems insight to mobilize innovation and action across an organization as a whole.  

    In community roles, Lauren serves with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation K12 Civic Response Team as co-lead, the Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals, AALAM, City Year Milwaukee, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Global Shapers and on the board of LIT (Leaders Igniting Transformation). She has also served on the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum Education Committee. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is currently pursuing her Masters in Character Education. 

    Lauren’s appointment as the new CEO is a tangible example of Professional Dimensions commitment to cultivate meaningful action, shine a light on exemplary leaders and; continue to be one of the most diverse professional organizations in Milwaukee with an emphasis on inclusion and racial equity.  

  • 04/22/2020 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    Covid-19 Pandemic Accelerates Charitable Fund Grant Award

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. (April 22, 2020) – Women’s professional association Professional Dimensions expedited a $50,000 grant from its Charitable Fund to the YWCA of Southeastern Wisconsin (SEW) to support its response to the local challenges of COVID-19. The organization made the decision to award these funds, knowing that the pandemic has devastated women and communities of color here and across the nation.

    Professional Dimensions Charitable Fund Board Chair Janet Slater said, “We deliberately make this grant to address racial and gender inequity at a time when women of color face unprecedented challenges. YWCA Southeast Wisconsin has demonstrated its resiliency through innovation during the pandemic. Professional Dimensions members understand that our financial support will advance the cause of equity in Milwaukee now.”

    In June 2019, Professional Dimensions selected YWCA SEW’s The Ripple Effect as its signature Charitable Fund project, pledging to raise $100,000 over two years. The Ripple Effect tackles economic disparities where racism and sexism intersect. The project leverages the networks and financial contributions of Professional Dimensions members for YWCA SEW’s economic empowerment programs and social justice advocacy work. 

    The project takes on new relevance in the era of COVID-19. Social determinants of health, including racism, segregation, poverty and economic disadvantage, place women and people of color in Milwaukee at a much higher risk to contract, and perish from, the virus. As YWCA SEW strives to address this injustice through their services and large-scale systemic change, Professional Dimensions leaders felt it was critically important to act now.

    Ginny Finn, President and CEO of YWCA of Southeastern Wisconsin said, “YWCA SEW has pivoted over the past month to maintain essential service continuity for our program participants and partners. We deeply appreciate the generosity and flexibility of Professional Dimensions to help us navigate this health emergency. Their confidence empowers us to continue to address community challenges, while striving toward the just and inclusive Milwaukee we envision.”

  • 06/27/2019 12:03 PM | Anonymous member

    Organization continues to lead by example in the area of diversity and inclusion

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. (Jun 27, 2019) – Professional Dimensions continues to lead by example in the area of diversity and inclusion by once again electing its most racially diverse board of directors in the organization’s history at its 2019 Annual Meeting Wednesday night. Women of color will hold 35% of board positions for its 2019-20 term, which begins September 1.

    “As a leading women’s organization for over 40 years, we think it’s important to set an example for how to live out the values of inclusion,” said newly-elected Board President-elect, Judith Mouton. “We want to use our collective power to help build a culture in our community that embraces women of all backgrounds and benefits from wide-ranging leadership perspectives.”

    In addition to being racially diverse, Professional Dimensions’ incoming leaders represent three generations, 11 industries and career levels ranging from young professionals to seasoned executives.

    2019-2020 Board of Directors
    President: Judith Mouton, Johnson Controls
    Immediate Past President: Emily Phillips, Baird
    President-Elect: Jamie Pratt, Spano Pratt Executive 
    Secretary: Laura Arbuckle, Gruber Law Offices
    Treasurer: Veronica Aria Maestro, Baird
    VP Administration: Jennifer Walther, Mawicke & Goisman
    VP Communications: Julie Raye, The Bartolotta Restaurants
    VP Race Relations: Jennifer Allen, MGIC
    VP Membership: Brenda Campbell, SecureFutures
    VP Programs: Kate Dillow, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin
    VP Nominations: Lauryn Deck, M3 Insurance Solutions
    Recruitment Chair: Kate Venne, Brady Corp.
    Charitable Fund Chair: Janet Slater, Greenleaf Partners
    Tricia Geraghty, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
    Shaneé Jenkins, YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee
    Renee Kirnberger, Pathfinders
    Andréa Michel, Andréa Michel Consulting
    Katie Podmokly, Baird
    Peggy Williams Smith, Marcus Corp.
    Liz Johnson, Godfrey & Kahn S.C.

  • 04/24/2019 7:10 PM | Anonymous member

    Generous contributions from individual members and corporate partners empower Professional Dimensions’ Charitable Fund to double two-year donation goal to local non-profit.

    MILWAUKEE — April 24, 2019 —Milwaukee-based Professional Dimensions, a network of more than 400 local women leaders, announced a second $50,000 donation to Pathfinders’ New Paths program on Denim Day, an international day designated to encourage supporters of sexual assault survivors to raise awareness by wearing jeans.

    This second major donation to Pathfinders’ New Paths program matches the amount given by Professional Dimensions in 2018, bringing the total grant amount to $100,000 and doubling the original two-year donation goal.

    Pathfinders’ is a local non-profit organization serving traumatized youth facing homelessness, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, mental health issues and crisis. In 2017, Pathfinders launched New Paths, its program to support youth who have been victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

    The program was selected in June 2017, as the beneficiary of Professional Dimensions’ Charitable Fund, to receive a minimum of $25,000 annually over a two-year partnership. Donations from individual members and corporate sponsors enabled Professional Dimensions to double the annual goal in the first and second years of the partnership.

    "We are extremely grateful for all of the resources that Professional Dimensions and its members have brought to Pathfinders; most importantly for shining a spotlight on an issue and a population of marginalized youth that are often invisible,” said Tim Baack, Pathfinders’ President & CEO. “This two-year partnership has helped raise awareness about the sexual exploitation and trafficking of Milwaukee's youth, increased their safety and supports, and enhanced the independence and self-sufficiency for youth survivors of sex trafficking."

    The two-year partnership with Pathfinders continues through June 2019. To date, Professional Dimensions has donated more than $1.6 million to local projects and initiatives that advance the self-sufficiency of women and girls.

    About Professional Dimensions
    Founded in 1978, Professional Dimensions is a membership organization of more than 400 inclusive women leaders who use their collective power to help each other and advance the community. Guided by four tenets, Leadership, Diversity, Community and Networking, Professional Dimensions cultivates relationships between women of all backgrounds, ages, industries and experience levels.

    About Pathfinders
    Pathfinders brings safety, hope and healing to Milwaukee-area youth facing homelessness, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, mental health issues and crisis through innovative and transformational services. Empowering Youth - Changing Lives.

  • 01/31/2019 9:39 AM | Anonymous member

    MILWAUKEE, Wis. (Jan. 31, 2019) – The membership of Professional Dimensions recently approved the elevation of the organization’s staff leadership position from Director of Operations to Chief Executive Officer, and named Johannah Karstedt St. John as its first CEO.

    Karstedt St. John has served as the organization’s Director of Operations since 2017, and has played a key role in professionalizing the office, growing and strengthening its membership, and providing a consistent leadership presence. Emily Phillips, President of the Board of Professional Dimensions stated “this move is not only a recognition of Johannah’s contributions, but an important step in setting a foundation from which we can grow and realize our potential as an organization of inclusive women leaders, using our power to help each other and advance our community.”

    Professional Dimensions is celebrating its 40th year, and is looking to position itself as being vibrant, vital and visible for the next 40 years. “Elevating this role to a CEO is an important signal to the community that Professional Dimensions is strengthening its presence as a thought leader in the business and philanthropic community,” says Phillips. The organization is looking to raise awareness and advance efforts in the area of inclusion and diversity, in particular. Professional Dimensions recently elected its most diverse Board of Directors in its 40-year history and hosted a summit on inclusive leadership on January 23rd, raising awareness and educating the community on inclusive work cultures in which diversity can thrive.

    The CEO position creates more depth and continuity in the partnership between the Board of Directors and the office. Karstedt St. John commented that “Board terms are two years and our presidency term is one year. As we’re transitioning from leader to leader, achieving our strategic objectives requires the consistent presence of an executive level staff person.” In addition, “with a growing membership body that is connected 24/7 and an ambitious vision for the future, we could no longer rely only on a volunteer board and an administrative staff role.”

    About Professional Dimensions
    Founded in 1978 and celebrating its 40th anniversary, Professional Dimensions is a membership organization of more than 400 inclusive women leaders who use their collective power to help each other and advance the community. Guided by the four tenets of Leadership, Diversity, Community and Networking, Professional Dimensions cultivates relationships between women of all backgrounds, ages, industries and experience levels. More information can be found at www.professionaldimensions.org.

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