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Active members of Professional Dimensions should complete this form to nominate a prospective candidate for membership. As stated below, new member nominations are brought before the board quarterly at our September, December, March, and June board meeting (occurring on the 2nd Thursday of each month). Upcoming nomination deadlines:

JUNE 12, 2024
SEPTEMBER 12, 2024

Prospective candidates interested in joining Professional Dimensions will need to be nominated by an active member. Please review this Active Member List to see if you know an existing member of Professional Dimensions to connect with for nomination.

If you don't know any active members of Professional Dimensions, please complete the Interest Form and our Recruitment Chair, Paige Engle, will be in touch.

About Professional Dimensions

At PD we know that words mean nothing if they fail to drive meaningful action. We also acknowledge that we're in the business of convening and cultivating fearless leaders who will not remain silent or complicit when there is a threat to our collective mission. Our members find solidarity and draw inspiration from what our organizational leaders say, and we will continue to use our platform to lead with transparency and accountability. We'll continue to draw from, and add to, these statements on our journey to unite women leaders in the relentless pursuit of better.

Joining Professional Dimensions

Membership is by invitation and focuses on "women who inspire” through their personal and professional experience and talents. Current members may "sponsor" someone for membership by filling out a new member nomination form. Once the nomination form is submitted, candidates accepted by the Recruitment Committee will advance for approval by the Board of Directors. New member nominations are brought before the board quarterly at our September, December, March, and June board meeting (occurring on the 2nd Thursday of each month). Once approved by the Board, members will be invited to apply and to attend the upcoming orientation. Orientation is also quarterly, and dates can be found on the PD calendar.

If you are interested in joining PD and in need of a sponsor, please complete this form to be connected with our recruitment team and office. You can also review a list of active members here to identify potential sponsors.

Membership Qualifications

The Recruitment Committee strives to strengthen the diversity and leadership of the organization and to maintain a broad spectrum of occupations. Target populations include non-traditional or under-represented occupations, executives in a company or organization, women of color, younger women with leadership promise, and other community leaders.

Prospective members should meet the following criteria:

  • Employed professionals living and working in the greater Milwaukee area.
  • Women who believe that we are better when we work together, promoting and striving for inclusion in all we do.
  • Individuals with a desire to embrace and develop within the PD tenets of Leadership, Networking, Community and Diversity.


Professional Dimensions offers its members many opportunities to connect with each other and the community for personal and professional growth: 

  • Member meetings, held twice a month featuring speakers and networking activities.
  • Board and committee participation.
  • Community involvement and support for PD's Charitable Fund projects.
  • Several special interest groups (SIGs).
  • Involvement in Charitable Fund projects.
  • Friendships and professional relationships. 


  • Payment of annual dues. New members are responsible for a one-time initiation fee when joining the organization.
  • Attendance at membership meetings when scheduling allows (there is no minimum meeting attendance requirement). Members are responsible for the cost of the meal of any meeting they attend.
  • Support of the current Charitable Fund project through monetary and/or volunteer support, within your ability to give time, talent and treasure.
  • Advocacy and interest in connecting with and learning from other PD members.


Beginning September 1, 2023 we will only be accepting membership renewals from September 1- November 30 ($400) and December 1-December 31 ($450 with $50 late fee). This will assist PD leadership in curating intentional and consistent onboarding, differentiated content, and personalized experiences for our members -  which is aligned to the larger focus and guiding principles for the year.

For more information please email PD Recruitment Chair K. Paige Engle.


(414) 374-3570
759 North Milwaukee Street, Suite 404
Milwaukee, WI 53202


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