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Catherine Cassidy, BEACON Business Group

06/06/2019 12:30 PM | Anonymous

After spending 35 years in consumer publishing, Catherine Cassidy hung up her corporate spikes to join her husband Steve Boylan at BEACON Business Group, a business brokerage that specializes in helping owners of family-owned and privately held companies get the greatest financial benefit when they're ready to sell. She describes her work as interesting and rewarding. "We're helping people to make an important transition in their lives, a transition that is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. And like our clients, we are a family business. I love working with my husband and stepdaughter!"

Catherine’s favorite PD activity so far has been the Mentor/Mentee event last year, where she paired with Laura Piotrowski of Cavendish Consulting. Although she was the designated “mentor,” their time together gave her great advice and insights for her company as well. She also loved participating in two SIGS: Bon Appetit and the Founders’ Alliance. 

The best advice she ever received was when she worked for Runner’s World magazine, her first job out of college. A tenured editor told her she had to learn to “ski the conditions.” She took that expression to heart and it has been her motto ever since. The other great piece of advice she received was from her mother, “don’t let other people make up your mind for you, Catherine. Use your own judgement” 

Catherine admires people who require accountability but lead with kindness. These are people who set goals, expect results and actively provide feedback in a respectful way. She has always strived to be this kind of leader. 

Catherine and Steve each have two kids for a total of three girls and a boy, all in their mid-to-late 20s. After 14 years together, they have become an amazingly close-knit family. They have acquired three more “kids,” a son-in-law, a soon-to-be-son-in-law, and an 8-year-old step-granddaughter. She has also gained a loving bunch in Steve’s brothers and sisters. Their very best times are when they’re with their family.

They enjoy seeing live music, especially the blues, and watching Wisconsin sports. Dining out in Milwaukee is almost a sport for them, their favorite spots being Sanford and County Claire. For sports watching and great wings, she recommends Points East Pub. 

She reads the Journal Sentinel every day and watches Fox 6 (local, not national) most days. She also reads the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Biz Times, and the Shepherd Express when she sees it. 

She would have most liked to meet her maternal grandfather, John Kerr. He died when her mom was two years old. Over the years, she has learned that he was always the life of the party, a good business man and a very nice individual. He was the love of her grandmother’s life, and when he died, she never found a true love again. 

The last book Catherine read was The Oz Principle. She’s in a women’s business book club and it was the choice book for last month. Although all that was written was true, it still wasn’t her favorite. Her most recent personal choice: Bear Townby Fredrik Backman.

While she was running on the corporate hamster wheel, the only thing she wanted to do on vacation was sit on a beach, read books and drink ridiculously sweet drinks. Aruba, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Rico, Myrtle Beach, Jupiter, Florida, Carlsbad, California. Now that she’s in the entrepreneurial world, her leisure sights have turned to Europe. Her family is celebrating her mother’s 85th birthday with a cruise through the Greek isles, and her and Steve have a tripped planned to Ireland in November. She’d also one day like to canoe down the Snake River in search of raptors.


(414) 374-3570
759 North Milwaukee Street, Suite 404
Milwaukee, WI 53202


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