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Leading Women’s Business Association Professional Dimensions Announces New Name for Historic Leadership Award

03/03/2021 12:01 PM | Anonymous

Milwaukee, Wis. (February 26, 2021)—Professional Dimensions, a leading women’s professional association in Milwaukee, has intentionally updated its long-term strategy, and brand, to reflect its belief in the value and power of women leadership. In this process of evolution and re-invention it has renamed and reimagined its signature event.

With that, Professional Dimensions is proud to announce its  annual leadership award, formerly the Sacagawea Awards, is now The Professional Dimensions Imprint Award. The association shares this exciting change as it prepares to launch a new award nomination process and grow its incredible community of honorees. Nominations will be open March 1, 2021 at www.professionaldimensions.org.

“As an organization committed to developing and networking leaders in a time of unprecedented controversy and division, Professional Dimensions was called to evaluate our ‘status quo’ and follow our values of continuous learning and intentional inclusion,” said Lauren Feaster, CEO of Professional Dimensions. “To further this mission, we were also called to make tough choices about how our historical decisions and proud traditions that have defined our work conflicted with our values. Therefore, we took on the renaming and reimagining of our signature event formerly known as the Sacagawea Awards.”

In addition to the Professional Dimensions Imprint Award, Professional Dimensions has added the Ideation Summit as an annual event focused on inclusion and diversity. The association has also revamped its Racial Equity Initiative (Conversation Circles) and diversified its board and membership. In tandem, it has taken bold steps in programming, doubled its commitment to its Charitable Fund and continuously refreshed and renewed its membership offerings.

The Sacagawea Award
Professional Dimensions’ Sacagawea award was created in 1982 to recognize two trailblazing women who exhibit the spirit of Sacagawea. This prestigious honor acknowledged exceptional leadership by “Women Who Inspire,” and celebrated their career achievements. Through this award Professional Dimensions has honored 78 inspirational women from the Milwaukee community, and raised more than $1.7 million for causes that benefit women and girls. 

“While standing firmly in our beliefs about the importance and intention of the award, we knew there was a need to elevate and prioritize the voices and experiences of our indigenous leaders and members,” said Feaster. “We determined that while maintaining the bold, courageous energy with which this award was created, we would no longer continue to present an award whose name would appropriate a culture. We are committed to finding a way to tell a more complete story about the complexity of Sacagawea’s life, continue to honor her in the way her descendants desire, and still celebrate the achievements of trailblazing women in our community.”

The reality of events in 2020/21 has opened new ideas for the future. They have also placed renewed emphasis on virtual programming/networking and redefining “normal”. As an organization, Professional Dimensions has never shied away from bold change in pursuit of better, and these concerns gave the association  an opportunity to turn its words into meaningful action. 

“After months of conversation with members, sponsors and award recipients— along with an incredible partnership with BVK—an independent, full-service national advertising and branding agency headquartered in Milwaukee, we have committed not just to a new name, but to thinking differently about how we recognize and celebrate leadership,” said Feaster.

To “imprint” is to make a lasting mark. It also describes when one person comes to recognize another as a source of trust and support. An “imprint” is defined as a mark or depression made by pressure and an indelible distinguishing effect or influence.  

Award recipients not only make a mark in their professional lives and community, but also create meaningful, empowering connections with other women. Like the definitions of “imprint,” they are both successful and supportive. They truly embody the well-rounded character trait, and Professional Dimensions is honored to celebrate their lasting impacts.

Nominations for Professional Dimensions Imprint Award will be open March 1st. Visit professionaldimensions.org for more information about the awards, Professional Dimensions’ mission and membership opportunities. 


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