PDCF Project Introduction: Milwaukee FAME or SHAME?

  • 10/25/2017
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • TBA


Milwaukee FAME or SHAME? 

An introduction to our 2017-2019 Charitable Fund Project - Pathfinder, New Paths Program

Tackling the challenge of sex trafficking: A formidable industry in our community!

Join the PDCF Champions Team in a thoughtful yet honest look at why Milwaukee has been ranked the THIRD LARGEST U.S. city in the sex trafficking and the “Harvard for PIMPS”.  Embarrassing? YES.  Hopeless? NO!  We know the women of PD are open to learn how the program selected for support by the Charitable Fund for the next two years is working to change these statistics.

Attend to learn more about the New Paths Program located at Pathfinders and how local officials and agencies are coming together to support survivors and end this terrible crime.  Absorb important information and engage in conversation with these panelists:

  • Tim Baack, President and CEO of Pathfinders
  • Fredi Bove, Administrator, Division of Safety & Permanence, WI Dept. of Children & Families
  • Tricia Lewis, Program Manager- Pathfinders New Paths Program
  • Claudine O Leary,  Consultant, Trainer, Advocate, Re-Think Resources/Represent

 PDCF is starting a vital conversation tonight as we kick off the two-year commitment to New Paths as they address this painful, yet important hidden problem in Milwaukee.  Please join us!  

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